Sports Program

Step up and capture the interest of international partners and supporters. RT Media’s Sports Program offers comprehensive management and media coverage for both individual athletes and teams, serving as your all-in-one solution for advancing your career.

Athlete Management

Comprehensive support in career development, contract negotiations, and personal brand enhancement, ensuring athletes can focus on their performance while maximizing opportunities off the field.

Content Creation

Engaging and impactful creation of multimedia content, including videos, blogs, and social media posts, designed to amplify athletes' stories, achievements, and connections with fans and sponsors.


Strategic development and management of athletes' personal brands, emphasizing authenticity and market appeal to enhance recognition, credibility, and fan engagement.

Partnership Acquisition

We actively seek and nurture partnerships with brands, businesses, and sponsors that share athletes' values and image, fostering mutually beneficial relationships for long-term success.


Creation and management of customized merchandise lines, including apparel and accessories, that reflect athletes' personal brands and resonate with their fan base, providing additional revenue streams and enhancing fan loyalty.

Promotional Material

Design and production of high-quality promotional materials such as posters, banners, and digital assets that effectively communicate athletes' key messages and enhance visibility across various platforms.

Accommodation/ Travel

Whether you attend a few events annually or back-to-back ones, we provide travel and accommodation services to ensure everything is prepared, allowing you to focus solely on the game

Live event coverage

Everyone desires immediate updates. We offer a range of live coverage options including live video feeds, real-time updates, and activations.